Senior Link

What is Senior Link?

Senior Link stands for Seniors Living In Neighborhood Kindness.  The Senior Link web app facilitates the process of coordinators connecting volunteers to seniors. Coordinators are able to set up a group of volunteers in their community. They can then reach out to seniors and add them to the group. Volunteers are connected with seniors and can create a plan for when they will contact them. This way, the coordinators and seniors are able to easily view when there will be a call. After the call, the volunteer can report any needs that the senior may have to the coordinator. With Senior Link, the entire process of Linking with seniors is easy.

Our project addresses the important issue of Mobilizing and Empowering the Nation and Technology to Address Loneliness & social isolation (MENTAL), an initiative proposed by the Administration for Community Living, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health, and other partners.

The Senior Link web app also includes a Resources directory to provide information to seniors, and match their needs/interests to services, products, technology training, and programs that may help them fulfill their needs and curtail the impact of loneliness and social isolation.

Why Get Involved?

 start groups of volunteers
Efficient implementation
Support your community
Manage Groups Easily
Fulfill seniors' needs
See progress of volunteers
Structured schedule
Notifications to call
Quickly report seniors' needs
Access services
Social engagement
Upcoming resources

Applying to Your Community

Make a difference!

Getting Started

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How it all Began


Arthur Kajiyama

  Senior Link Founder

In a time of a global pandemic, it is important to connect with seniors as they face social isolation. Many of them do not have much family left and face loneliness. It is our job to bring them back into the community. I was a part of a project with Saint Thomas of Canterbury Church called 4:Twelve Senior Connect in which volunteers called seniors to help them with their needs and reduce their loneliness. The program strongly impacted me and I wanted to make an application to facilitate the project management as I knew that the Coordinator had put many hours in to making it happen. I contacted Optimal Aging, a source of information for older citizens and their families, and Senior Link was born under the mentorship of Stanford Emeritus Professors Dr. Dolores Gallagher-Thompson and Dr. Larry Thompson. Senior Link is my contribution to reducing the senior social isolation in our society!

  • Arthur Kajiyama is a student at The Harker High School, parishioner at Saint Thomas of Canterbury Church, and founder of Senior Link.
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Special Thanks

Special thanks to St. Thomas of Canterbury Church, in particular to Ms. Lucy Chai, Youth Minister, who was instrumental in this endeavor. Our appreciation also goes to Dr. Gallagher-Thompson and Dr. Thompson for their valuable support. Additionally, thanks to the seniors that took part in this project and inspired us. Speaking to seniors in our community and connecting with others is empowering. Connect with those in your community today!